A Godsend Idea

US /ˈɡɑːd.send/ UK /ˈɡɒd.send/

def: an idea that comes along at a time when it is especially needed

We like to say that the best ideas begin in the clouds and finish on the ground

For almost his whole life Rich Jarvis has been inventing things, even as a child.  But one unusual day in 1997, something different happened. Rich had been growing anxious about completing his graduate work as experiment after experiment failed. Three tough years into the molecular genetics program and Rich didn’t have the key data to finish his publication. 

One day in the university lab, Rich invoked eternity and asked for help.  The timeless responded and the miracle happened.  He got a big idea, all at once, and in the nick of time.  His next set of experiments produced nearly impossible results and he shocked not only himself but his professor (his “boss”) and the entire university committee as well. 

Since that time, Godsend Ideas have become natural and they continue to land Rich high-value assets and patents. 

He believes unseen forces sometimes enlist in our cause when we commit ourselves to hard work and when our intent is in harmony with good towards others. Rich believes God freely gives everyone ideas to use for good, and “we must learn to let the perfect work come through us so we don’t cheat the world of our best contributions.” 

It's time to make your greatest impact

In relatively short order, the 5 Big Idea SiMPL Standards help you identify gaps in your idea’s workability and funding readiness. With guidance from a SiMPL Agent, you will be able to fill in the gaps utilizing global business intelligence, expert insights, strong discernment, and “timeless instinct” to bring life to your Big ideas. 

We hope that you find joy in your entrepreneurial journey and launch your idea bigger, better, faster, and with a more meaningfully unique impact than you ever thought possible. 

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