Clarify Your Role and Path to Take Your Ideas to Market.

You need to discover your Solutionary Type, which could be an Inventor, Developer, or Seller/Operator and a Blueprint Strategy to build a healthy business with products that are investable, profitable, and in demand. Take the 10-minute assessment and receive a customized report that will help you identify gaps that need to be filled and areas that need refining.

When you know how to apply the 5 Big Idea SiMPL™ Standards to your business and product strategy, you can build products that sell.

There are five areas of your original idea that need clarification and optimization. This will help increase its value, rally people around it, and attract resources, allowing it to soar quickly and efficiently.


What is the STORY?

Identifying urgent vital needs for meaningful impact & returns

Is the IDEA Unique?

Innovating products & new categories with defensible IP for high-value assets creation


Discerning different vertical markets for growth & dominance

Is The PRODUCT ready?

Validating concepts and market insertion strategies for saving time & cost

When Does it Launch?

Galvanizing support and implementing plans that multiply the business

Your report will show you where your product idea meets the standards, where it needs improvement, and provide you with a customized plan to enhance its value.

Who Should take The Idea Assessment?


Most ideators and inventors struggle to objectively judge product value, workability, and best path to market.

This is typically because they lack the same perspective as funding partners and customers, and they do not have clear, useful data from the market, technology, and IP space related to their idea.

If you don’t have an accurate assessment of your product idea…

This happens to too many inventors and it orphans too many truly valuable Big Ideas.

Why Do I Need to Know my Solutionary Type?

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about having a brilliant idea and running with it. It’s about knowing who you are – your strengths and your weaknesses. When you’re clear about your identity as an entrepreneur, remarkable things can happen.

The real key lies in bringing together Solutionary inventors, developers, and seller/operators who know exactly what they can contribute to a new venture. When these Identity-driven Entrepreneurs™ collaborate, extraordinary things happen.

How the report works

If you don’t have a plan…

We don’t want you to have sleepless nights and feel you’ve lost control of your idea. SiMPL has given many ideators a plan for transforming their idea into valuable products and companies. Our process lets you engage us safely and confidently in three phases.

1. Complete the short assessment

You are going to share about your idea.  We won’t ask what your idea is yet.  The SiMPL Idea Assessment will provide feedback about your idea based on our Idea-to-Market Method and the 5 Big Idea SiMPL™ Standards.  It could change the trajectory of your idea in 10 minutes.

2. Get your report

How you use your SiMPL Idea Assessment results will depend on your expertise. The best place to start is to schedule a FREE Solutionary Session with a SiMPL Agent to review them.

3. Optimize your Idea

You’ll receive guidance and next steps you can immediately take to optimize your product offerings for more value and profit.

What is a
Godsend Idea?

US /ˈɡɑːd.send/ UK /ˈɡɒd.send/ 

something good that happens unexpectedly, and at a time when it is especially needed

Cambridge Dictionary​​

What do I get with the Assessment?

A SiMPL Standards Overview

Plus guidance on how to interpret and qualify the accuracy of the assessment

Idea Readiness Levels

The results of your assessment will identify gaps that need to be filled and areas that need refining

Your Solutionary Type

Knowing whether you're an Inventor, Developer, or Seller/Operator will determine your role and guide your next steps. Take the FREE Solutionary Quiz.

“This breakthrough new method and assessment helps us to more easily identify those elements of Big Ideas that aren’t yet ready to go to market and upvalue them. I am excited for everyone to understand the simple steps involved so they can be more successful in their entrepreneurial journey”


And the assessment only takes 10 minutes.

Creator of the SiMPL Method

Take the Free Assessment

  1. Get a snapshot of your Idea’s overall funding readiness
  2. Schedule a Solutionary Session and talk to a SiMPL Agent 
Who are our Experts?

SiMPL Agents served as entrepreneurs in residence at major universities or are recognized experts from industry, business, and government.